General Conditions of Agreement

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The terms and conditions apply when renting the furnished apartment or. Guest room.

The apartment is functional and well equipped.

A reservation made by the guest and accepted by the landlord (in writing or orally) is the basis of the contractual relationship between the parties.

The availability of an apartment cannot be guaranteed.

In detail, the following rights and obligations result from the guest accommodation contract:


§1. The lease is considered closed, if the room / apartment (hereinafter referred to only as a room) ordered by the guest and confirmed by the landlord. For confirmation is both written, as well as the short-term oral form binding. The contract obliges guest and landlord to comply and only comes between landlord and guest, as well as the people accompanying him. Unauthorized accommodation of foreign overnight guests will be punished with immediate termination and triple daily rent.


§2. The landlord undertakes, to provide the guest with the rooms in perfect condition in accordance with legal regulations or customary market practice. He is required to, to provide the guest with other accommodation or to pay compensation, if he is unable, to make the promised rooms available despite confirmation. The landlord also undertakes, to reserve the reserved rooms elsewhere as soon as possible, if the guest is unable to fulfill the contract and reimburses all or part of the damages.


§3. If the guest withdraws from the contract before the start of the stay or later- or. leaves earlier than agreed, so he is committed, the landlord for the days, where he does not use the reserved rooms, the agreed rental price minus. to pay the saved own costs. The guest is obliged, if the contractual services are not used, to pay the agreed or customary price, abzgl. the expenses saved by the landlord. Until the quarters are otherwise allocated, the guest must pay the calculated amount for the duration of the contract.


§3a. Cancellation of the lease

We allow our guests to cancel until 7 Days before the start of the rental period free of charge and with short-term cancellation 7-3 We calculate days 50%, in case of cancellation 3-0 We calculate days 100% of the agreed rental price. We also allow ourselves until 1 To give notice of termination one week before the start of the rental period, without giving reasons.


§3b. Termination of the tenancy

According to §565 BGB there is a daily notice period for short-term rental of the apartment.


§4. The deposit (10%) is to be expanded one week after the offer has been sent, for a binding booking with booking confirmation, otherwise we reserve the right to rent the property to someone else. The balance will be 10 Days before arrival by bank transfer or alternative due at the latest on the day of arrival of the agreed rental period and must be paid at the latest on the day before departure.
The tenant explicitly complies with this provision.


§5. Our prices are guide prices and can be changed at any time without notice. You will receive the guaranteed prices when you make your reservation. There may be a short term surcharge of 100% be recognized by the price. An offer is made to a guest, we are only a week (or. 5 Working days) bound to it.


§6. Damage occurs in the rooms, caused by the guest, liability insurance for the guest usually covers this, the guest is liable for all accompanying persons. There is no liability insurance, the guest personally pays for the damage incurred; a deposit can be requested in advance, to secure the costs of the expected damage. A right of inspection results from the cleaning obligation that has been assumed and can be exercised without direct notice.


§7. The obligation to clean passes to the tenant when the apartment is rented for the term of the contract. On the day of departure, the apartment is to be handed over to the landlord clean.

When renting the guest rooms, the landlord is only obliged to clean after

prior arrangement. No separate agreement has been made, is the tenant for short-term

Rental responsible for making beds and cleaning up yourself. Cleaning intervals and towel changes are individually agreed and carried out by the landlord.


§8. The place of jurisdiction is the place of business, so the place, in which the rooms are located and in which the service from the rental agreement is to be provided.


§9. Severability clause: Should one or more provisions of these terms and conditions become ineffective, this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. The ineffective provision is to be replaced by an effective one, that comes as close as possible to the economic purpose pursued by the invalid provision.


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